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Nuskhe By Paras Nuskhe By Paras


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Nuskhe By Paras is my journey's milestone that started from minor, desi nuskhas. And now, being the most desired skincare expert, my brand is going to be the one-stop-solution to all your skin and hair concerns. With 24*7 expert assistance, all your concerns are now going to be solved.

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I’ve created this Nuskha with Basil, Orchids, Marigold and Aloe Vera to tighten your skin and minimise pores. Dab your face with this Nuksha of mine with a cotton ball and feel your skin getting younger with every use. You will feel refreshed and energetic.

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Under Eye Serum

Hi, I’m Paras & I’ve created an amazing under eye serum for you using my favorite ingredients. I created this in serum-based, as they are light textured and get absorbed quickly. They also suit all skin types and show quicker results. Use this daily.

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I’m here to bring the old times back. Remember how our grandparents used to use their favorite teeth powder every morning and usually before going to bed. Your finger has more power than you think! For a brighter smile and teeth, I’ve created this Nuskha.

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