So Sensitive Moisturising Face Water Rose Cream for Skin Glow, 60g

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Hi, I am Paras Tomar, your favourite skincare celebrity guru. And, I've created a miraculous jar of So Sensitive Moisturising Face Water Rose Cream with the goodness of soft rose and saffron to give you bright & glowing skin. This Ayurvedic nuskha soothes and calms your skin, especially sensitive skin...
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  • Miracle Light Textured Face Gel Cream For Achieving An Even Skin Tone
  • Highly Suitable For All Skin Types Especially Sensitive & Oily Skin
  • The Unique Combination Of Rose, Saffron & Aloe With Vitamin E Boosts Collagen Production Leading To A Glowing Skin
  • To Be Used As A Light Moisturizer Every Morning & Before Going To Bed. Let The Gel Be Completely Absorbed In Your Skin Before Using Any Other Skin Care Product Or MakeUp.
  • Curated Especially By Paras Whose Nuskhe & Skin Care Secrets Are Used By Top Bollywood Celebrities.

    There’s no better way to wake up and start your day, than with a hint Rose, Strawberry, Saffron & Aloe loaded with vitamin E.

    This energizing Face water cream (gel crème) is perfect before you step into the big bad world.

    Saffron, Orchid, and Lotus will give you the glow to shine. Aloe Vera, Glycerine and rose will add some subtle moisture and hydrate your skin from within.

    If your skin is more sensitive than your feelings, use this all-natural Nuskha to start your day and end it. I want you to wake up like a superstar, and sleep like a winner.

    Love You! Big Pucchi!

    Rose Extract: As a gentle antiseptic and astringent, it can help cleanse the skin and prevent blemishes. Anti-inflammatory properties enable rose extract to help minimize redness and soothe irritation – making it ideal for all skin types (acne, dry, mature, sensitive) because of its calming and healing abilities.

    Jasmine Extract: In addition to being a natural moisturiser, it evens your skin tone & reduces the appearance of age spots. Because of its antioxidants, it also helps protect from environmental stressors and give a youthful appearance to your skin.

    Chamomile Extract: It boasts anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that can help soothe the skin, reducing redness and blemishes. It can even relieve skin irritations like eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea. Further, the antioxidants also help boost skin health to bring out an inner glow and even fade dark spots and under-eye circles.

    Strawberry Extract: Rich in vitamin C, it fights oily skin, as well as nourishes and revitalizes your skin. Due to its acidic nature, it is effective to remove the excess sebum on the skin. As a skin lightening agent, it efficiently lightens blemishes and acne scars.

    Saffron: It is anti-inflammatory and soothes skin. saffron's anti-fungal properties help treat acne. It also helps in lightening and whitening your skin tone. Further, it assists with blood circulation, hydrates and softens the skin leaving it with a fresh glow.

    Glycerin: Due to its moisturising and nourishing properties, glycerin ensures a healthy-looking skin. It also lightens the skin complexion in addition to protecting it from tanning.

    For best results, use my multi-faceted So Sensitive Moisturising Face Water Rose Gel Cream twice daily - once in the morning and once before going to bed. Suitable for all skin types, this gel-cream can do wonders when you follow the steps listed below:

    Step 1: Apply the required amount of my wondrous water-based gel on your face and neck.

    Step 2: Massage the applied gel in an upward circular motion until absorbed completely.

    Hi, this is Paras Tomar, your favourite skincare celebrity guru. I bring to you an efficient series of products that are created with trusted natural remedies passed on to me by generations of Ayurvedic practices. Ayurveda is known for its miraculous skincare and haircare regimes that have been tried and tested time and again. Nuskhe By Paras is my fusion take on this age-old practice which suits the modern you. My brand stands by organic & natural care for the body. We Combine every element by hand and bring to you a fruitful experience of oneness with mother earth. We, as a brand, celebrate raw, uncompromised natural and organic beauty, skincare and haircare in each of our products. Enjoy my unadulterated, customized such legacy-driven solutions as the new-age consumer for a surreal experience.

    So Sensitive Moisturising Face Water Rose Cream for Skin Glow, 60g
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