5 Expert Hair Care Tips For Men

5 Expert Hair Care Tips For Men5 Expert Hair Care Tips For Men

You know if you ask me what's that one thing that unites humanity, what will my answer be? It shall time and again, always be that we all want great hair. However, I’ll also be the first to admit, achieving it can be a daily struggle. Hi, this is Paras Tomar, your favourite skincare plus wellness celebrity guru. Let's just shut our ears to when people say - "Good hair days feel few and far between, it’s easy to settle for just okay." Well, fellow men, we don’t have to.

In all these years of being your guide, I've realized that the goal of most men is to spend as little time in the bathroom as possible. That’s exactly why you also tend to cut your hair shorter. Lesser the hair means lesser the maintenance, am I right? But, let me just introduce you to the resulting pitfalls - the tenants of good hair apply no matter how long your hair is, what texture it is, or how much you have. Post the reality check, let's switch to the brighter-side-mode! Attaining great hair does not require a lot of effort, either, as long as you have your basics in place. Here are some of my best hair care tips for all men on the lookout:

1. Don't Wash Your Hair Everyday.

As you might just think you’re getting extra clean by washing your hair every day, let me clarify that it's simply a myth. In fact, you could actually be doing more harm to your hair than good. If you end up over-shampooing, you’re likely to stripping away oils and nourishment from your scalp. Those natural oils are the best thing to keep your scalp well-hydrated. Even someone with short hair on, shouldn’t shampoo every day, but it’s especially important the longer your hair is. Three to four times a week is best!

Additionally, washing your hair with a cheap shampoo is like washing your car with hand soap. Whenever it's time to wash your hair, ensure to use a gentle, sulfate-free all-natural shampoo formulation that does not strip away too many of those natural oils that protect and hydrate your hair. Moreover, also do not forget to take care of your scalp to benefit the health of your hair (and help keep it around, if thinning is a concern). The first step is to give yourself a scalp massage whenever you shampoo. Use your fingers and nails to gently exfoliate your scalp. It will help you get rid of dead skin cells and buildup at the roots, plus it always feels relaxing.

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2. Evaluate Your Hair Type.

It is important indeed to learn about what hair type you have - straight, thin, curly, dry - and buying a shampoo designed for it can make the desired difference. Believe me when I say it’s not just about effective marketing; these shampoos contain specific ingredients that certain hair types benefit from. For instance, curly hair needs a formulation with extra moisturizing ingredients whereas, on the other hand, formulae for thin hair will contain ingredients to help volumize.

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3. Always Condition After You Shampoo Your Hair.

We all want to save time in the shower, but washing your hair without conditioning afterwards can cause serious damage in the long run. Conditioners are formulated with the intent to restore moisture and essential oils that even sulfate-free shampoos can get rid of. If you have short hair, you should always use a conditioner after shampooing to keep hair healthy, but it’s especially important for long hair. For a matter of fact, even on days when you’re not washing your hair, conditioning them is super important. For anything longer than three inches, you should condition your hair every day, whether you shampoo or not.

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4. Oil Your Hair For Hydration & Extra Moisture.

Use a lightweight hair oil after you shower. This practice will help lock in moisture and is especially important for curly, coarse, and textured hair too. I recommend you to apply Nuskhe By Paras Ayurvedic Volumizing Hair Oil to accelerate hair growth, repair and reduce hair fall, dryness, dullness and frizz. It is lightweight and won’t make hair look greasy and also won’t build up on the scalp.

5. Be Gentle While You Towel Dry Your Hair.

Drying your hair with a towel aggressively can do more damage than good, especially if you already have voluminous hair. You should blot them with the towel only and not rub them with vigour. Being too rough can make curly or wavy hair frizzy and decrease the volume on all hair types, especially thinning hair.

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